Tax Reform

We need tax reform that simplifies the tax code and puts money back in the pockets of hardworking families. This year, Steve Russell sided with Paul Ryan and D.C. lobbyists, who don’t know Oklahoma, to push through their tax scam. It was a bad bill that lines the pockets of the rich at our families’ expense, and it’s time for Congress to take tax reform seriously.

Tax reform should create greater economic opportunities for Oklahomans. I believe in greater tax cuts for middle class families, and I’ll ensure that corporate tax breaks are driven by incentives that create good-paying jobs with good benefits. That way, we’re holding executives accountable -- not just holding onto the myth that funds will trickle down to working Oklahomans. Instead of focusing solely on shareholder profits, let’s tie tax incentives to increased hiring, livable wages, and being a responsible member of the community. These incentive-based programs are the best way to promote better wages for workers, access to healthcare, and to build a strong economy that benefits everyone.