According to the most recent Infrastructure Report Card from the American Society of Civil Engineers, our country needs to spend $3.6 trillion to repair our crumbling roads, rails, pipes, and power grids -- all because of deferred maintenance and poor investment. It’s time for Washington to take our crumbling infrastructure seriously.

There is bipartisan support in Congress for measures to address our aging and inadequate infrastructure -- but the biggest hurdle to making gains is the issue of funding. Members of both parties have previously supported infrastructure proposals where costs would be offset by repatriating profits held abroad -- corporations who bring their profits home would see lower tax rates. But the Republicans’ tax scam passed in 2017 uses the repatriation of foreign profits to offset tax cuts for millionaires and corporations. Steve Russell and Republicans in Congress failed the people of Oklahoma once again when they failed to address infrastructure in their 2017 tax bill.

The latest infrastructure proposals burden working families with the cost of these critical investments. Many states have raised gas taxes or turned to toll roads to contribute to infrastructure improvement. Congress needs to work with states to find different sources of revenue to cover our infrastructure needs in both the short and long term.