Health Care

We have many opportunities to improve access to health care for Oklahoma families, and we should build upon the gains made by the Affordable Care Act. Congress also needs to ensure both urban and rural communities have access to health care resources, and should invest in community health centers, local clinics, and other mechanisms for delivering health care to different populations. Health care experts should write health care legislation, not big insurance lobbyists.

Medicare and Medicaid are essential for many families in our state, yet the Oklahoma state government has refused to expand Medicaid. As a result, we’re missing out on millions and millions of healthcare dollars for Oklahomans -- and taxpayers are forced to foot the bill. Our state has to maintain its autonomy over healthcare spending decisions, but Congress should also work with states to ensure every working family has access to quality, affordable care.

The cost of prescription drugs is a significant barrier for many people, and I support exploring every solution to lowering prices. From safely importing prescription drugs at a lower cost to holding drug manufacturers accountable for price gouging, we must do things differently. I will also support innovation and research to increase competition in the drug market.