Gun Safety

There is no credible movement to take away gun ownership for people who want to legally and responsibly own a firearm for hunting or to protect their household. The 2nd Amendment is safe in America and I will fight to keep it that way for law-abiding citizens.

But there is also no credible reason why we as a state and nation can’t look into our hearts, acknowledge there are commonsense steps we can take to save lives in the U.S., and find a path forward to do so.

Bump stocks have no use in hunting, and are a threat to law enforcement and civilians everywhere. It’s a product we can and should take off the market to save lives, and it wouldn’t threaten the 2nd Amendment one bit.

We should ensure the CDC can conduct comprehensive scientific research on gun violence and strengthen background checks.

Gun violence in general, not just mass shootings, needs to be addressed with a holistic approach. Medical, education, law enforcement, non-profit, legal, and other professionals must begin a serious conversation within and between their communities with real follow up.  

It’s important those conversations include responsible gun owners, sportsmen and women, and other stakeholders. We can’t find a real solution if we all just run to our separate corners and hurl the same, tired insults and arguments at each other.

Gun violence survivors and affected family members must also be at the table and their voices heard. Their stories matter the most.

Their stories are of domestic violence victims, failed by the courts. Families of people who lost loved ones to suicide, who were unable to save their loved ones. Families of young men, killed in homicides. And yes, even schoolchildren.

We need to come together as a nation, hear their stories and make the commitment to to have an honest conversation and decide on a path forward that includes research, accountability and common sense. Most importantly, action.