OKLAHOMA CITY – Democratic candidate for Oklahoma’s Fifth Congressional District Kendra Horn announced today her campaign has raised nearly $165,000 to date to challenge incumbent Congressman Steve Russell.  At this point in the calendar, Horn’s total makes her the most successful Democratic fundraiser in the 5th congressional district in Oklahoma in over a decade and the only Democrat who can defeat the Republican Congressman. In the fourth fundraising quarter of 2017 Horn raised nearly $74,000.


Horn’s strong showing is the result of a motivated grassroots network of over 1100 contributions, 74% of $100 or less and nearly 93% of contributions from within Oklahoma. In addition to her strong fundraising success, Horn also has hundreds of volunteers committed to helping her election.


In contrast, more than eighty-percent of the money Republican Congressman Steve Russell raised in the same period came from Washington special interests and insiders, formally known as Political Action Committees. Even more alarming, less than five percent came from here in Oklahoma.


“I’m honored by the outpouring of support that so many fellow Oklahomans have shown our campaign,” said Horn. “The momentum and their enthusiasm is inspiring. It shows Oklahomans are ready for change, and ready for solutions now. We are tired of partisan bickering and policies that hurt, rather than help working Oklahomans.”


The Cook Political Report has identified Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District as one of only 27 districts in the entire nation held by a Republican incumbent that is trending Democratic. Horn was one of only thirty-six challengers in the nation to outraise a Republican incumbent in the third quarter. Other key indicators include increased voter turnout for special elections and four state legislative seats in the 5th District flipping from Republican to Democratic in the past two years. Horn’s outpacing of the two-term incumbent Congressman and previous Democratic nominees for this seat is yet another signal that the 5th is ready for a viable alternative to business as usual.


Kendra Horn decided to run for Congress to bring a fresh voice opposed the gridlock in Washington, D.C. In Congress, Kendra will tackle Oklahomans’ most pressing problems. She will fight every day to make life more affordable for the middle class, to guarantee that everyone has access to health care, to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work, and to give every child the opportunity to receive a first-class education.  For more information, visit