Horn Comments on Teacher and State Employee Strike

I stand with teachers and #oklaedLet me say this loud and proud. If the state legislature refuses to put gridlock behind us and get the job done, then I support teachers and state employees standing up and demanding a solution.

I ask you to make a commitment to support the families who will be impacted by these actions. Student meals, child care, transportation, there are a host of needs Oklahomans will have in the coming weeks. Pitch in.

4 day school weeks. Emergency certifications. More students, and the state has responded with less funding and fewer teachers.

We have some of the highest standards in the nation to be a teacher, but are last in the nation when it comes to teacher pay.

I don't care if you're in Newalla or Nichols Hills, walk into any coffee shop in the 5th District and the citizens will tell you Oklahoma education is on the wrong track and it sure isn't the teachers' fault.

To our state employees who protect some of the most vulnerable in our society, and protect us from elements of society and nature that would do us harm: we see and stand with you too.

Gridlock has gripped this country from OKC to DC. The people know there are common sense solutions, but politicians only care about who scores the most points.

I'm running to #FlipThe5th to put an end to politics as usual.

Call your State Reps and Senators. It's important.