Horn Challenges Steve Russell’s Support for D.C. Tax Scam

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Oklahoma 5th District candidate for Congress Kendra Horn issued the following statement today in response to House passage of the tax plan supported by incumbent Steve Russell:

 “Instead of providing immediate tax relief for thousands of middle-class Oklahoma families, Congress has chosen to write a tax plan benefitting only the wealthiest individuals and large corporations. This plan was shoved through without a hint of bipartisanship or transparency, and many elected officials voted today without actually knowing what is in the bill.

“Supporting this tax plan highlights a clear difference between Congressman Russell and myself. I would have supported tax reform geared towards the middle class and kitchen table issues. I believe common sense still has a place in our nation’s laws.  I remain focused on tax reform that boosts the middle class, and grows jobs and wages to build a strong economy that benefits everyone.

“Politicians in D.C. like Russell should have used tax reform to focus on mortgage relief, making college more affordable or saving our healthcare system. In other words, he should have helped everyday Oklahomans with regular expenses which ultimately shape our quality of life. Instead he sided with Speaker Paul Ryan and D.C. lobbyists, who know nothing about Oklahoma, to help shove a tax scam through Congress that benefits the wealthy.  Russell had a chance to make a difference, and he fumbled the opportunity.

“Oklahomans are frustrated beyond belief with the bickering and pandering of our state legislature and United States Congress. This tax scam may be the only significant piece of legislation this Congress will pass in an entire year, which speaks to their lack of productivity and the need for new leadership. It’s a shame to think Steve Russell has had an entire political career to prepare for this moment, and he turned his back on the vast majority of those he serves.

“Steve Russell voted to give millions to the wealthiest 1 percent, while his constituents wait and hope it will trickle down to them. Sadly, the trickle-down theory is a myth and they could be waiting a very long time. A better idea would be to replace Russell with someone who cares about hard-working Oklahomans who deserve more from their elected leaders. That person is me.”

Kendra Horn decided to run for Congress to bring a fresh voice to opposed the gridlock in Washington, D.C. In Congress, Kendra will tackle Oklahomans’ most pressing problems. She will fight every day to make life more affordable for the middle class, to guarantee that everyone has access to health care, to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work, and to give every child the opportunity to receive a first-class education.  For more information, visit kendrahorn.com.