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  • Horn Challenges Steve Russell’s Support for D.C. Tax Scam

    “Steve Russell voted to give millions to the wealthiest 1 percent, while his constituents wait and hope it will trickle down to them. Sadly, the trickle-down theory is a myth and they could be waiting a very long time. A better idea would be to replace Russell with someone who cares about hard-working Oklahomans who deserve more from their elected leaders. That person is me.”


    Democratic candidate for Oklahoma’s Fifth Congressional District Kendra Horn announced today her campaign has raised nearly $165,000 to date to challenge incumbent Congressman Steve Russell.  At this point in the calendar, Horn’s total makes her the most successful Democratic fundraiser in the 5th congressional district in Oklahoma in over a decade and the only Democrat who can defeat the Republican Congressman. In the fourth fundraising quarter of 2017 Horn raised nearly $74,000.

  • Community advocate Kendra Horn seeks to represent central Oklahoma in the U.S. Congress

    Horn is far from intimidated by the district’s history. The Oklahoma City resident said she is ready for Washington, D.C. to tackle issues important to Oklahomans. Horn’s pitch includes a pledge to middle-class families, fighting for rural and urban access to health care, strengthening federal programs in public schools to allow every child access to a quality public education and supporting efforts to incentivize small businesses and industries in the state.

  • Horn Comments on Teacher and State Employee Strike

    I stand with teachers and #oklaedLet me say this loud and proud. If the state legislature refuses to put gridlock behind us and get the job done, then I support teachers and state employees standing up and demanding a solution.

  • CHIP Unfunded for over 100 Days

    “The current Congress’ complete lack of action speaks to priorities, or lack thereof, when it comes to supporting health care for working families. There are ways to encourage people to contribute to their own success, and my priorities include funding core services and creating opportunities for struggling families. To receive CHIP, parents have to be working. We say we want people to work and contribute, well that’s exactly what this program does."